Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Hour Declutter

My utensils draw was driving me crazy as there was so much in there and I couldn't find anything I was looking for.  I set myself the task of 30 minutes to do this draw and I feel like I can breath now.  I've moved some of the large "serving forks and spoons" that you use for salads when we have BBQ's to the china cabinet where the salad bowls are.  Here's a look at my 30 minute task that made me feel so much better.

This is the before, an organized mess with everything on top of one another.

I took everything out and sorted things on the kitchen bench and put similar things together.

The drawer then got a good wipe out and now it's clean.

Ahhh, that's so much better and now I can lay my hands on anything I need.

What didn't make it back into the drawer.

After I had organized and cleaned the utensils draw which only took me 30 minutes I was up to another 30 minute task that had been annoying me as well.  The cupboard with the water bottles and jars.  Here's the before.

Here's what was in the cupboard including a water bottle of James from Grade 3 and he is finishing Grade 5 now.  I always keep a couple spare because sometimes the kids leave their water bottles at school and of course there's the footy water bottles etc.  I got rid of the dried up paints, not even sure why they were in that cupboard in the first place.

I put them in these two baskets that I had on hand and now everything is organized and I can just pull the basket out rather than reaching to the back of the cupboard for stuff.

The final result of my organized cupboard.  I felt so much better and in one hour I had sorted these two cupboards that were driving me crazy.  It doesn't take long which means we sometimes don't make the time to do it.  So happy now.


  1. Looking good �� love the basket idea that will make getting to things a bit easier ��

    1. I had the baskets which I bought from office works about a year ago so I love that I can just slide it out and grab something so easily. Happy days!!!! Kathy

  2. Read just in time! I'm stealing this idea for my utensils drawer too. I like how everything has a place. Definitely also safer. I always worry about the knife cutting my finger when trying to get to the spoon for example

    1. It makes it so easy when you need something that's for sure. Kathy