Thursday, May 7, 2020

Around here - Coronavirus Update

I am posting these details for recording and history purposes on my blog.  The numbers are staggering when you think that every number is a person who has contracted Covid-19 or died as a result of it.  The whole situation is so tragic and the entire world has been affected.


On Thursday the 2nd of April, 2020 I started posting these numbers so I am updating them weekly on a Thursday.  World figures can be seen here.

Wednesday 25-03-2020        World Wide Cases        417,348                Deaths    18,596
Thursday     02-04-2020        World Wide Cases        936,886                Deaths    47,264
Thursday     09-04-2020        World Wide Cases     1,513,243                Deaths    88,403
Thursday     16-04-2020        World Wide Cases     2,084,042                Deaths  134,669
Thursday     23-04-2020        World Wide Cases     2,663,064                Deaths  183,882
Thursday     30-04-2020        World Wide Cases     3,212,993                Deaths  227,784
Thursday     07-05-2020        World Wide Cases     3,812,513                Deaths  264,109

Wednesday 25-03-2020        Australian Cases               2,144                Deaths not sure didn't look
Thursday     02-04-2020        Australian Cases               5,124                Deaths          24
Thursday     09-04-2020        Australian Cases               6,052                Deaths          50
Thursday     16-04-2020        Australian Cases               6,462                Deaths          63 **
Thursday     23-04-2020        Australian Cases               6,649                Deaths          74 **
Thursday     30-04-2020        Australian Cases               6,752                Deaths          91 **
Thursday     07-05-2020        Australian Cases               6,875                Deaths          97 **

** 21 of these deaths are related to the Ruby Princess Cruise that docked in Sydney in March.
** Another death from the ship however the person had flown home to America and passed away overseas.
** 17 deaths are related to two nursing homes.

Most of the cases in Australia have been linked to people returning home from overseas.

To brighten things up here's a few pics from our week.

 Chocolate muffins Sienna made.

Morning coffee.

Pizza sauce I made last week using this recipe from Additive Free Lifestyle.

BBQ Sauce made last week from this recipe from Additive Free Lifestyle.

Lemon & Chia Seed Muffins recipe from Additive Free Lifesytle.  I use half chia and half poppy seeds.


  1. The COVID numbers are, indeed, awful and here in the U.S. it's such a crazy time. I'm worried about what the next couple of months will bring for us.

  2. Such sobering statistics and such a difficult time for so many people who have become ill, lost loved ones, lost their jobs or businesses or are isolated from their loved ones. Ot's incredible the impact right around the world. Meg

    1. I know..apparently Turkey is reporting 10,000 new cases a day at the in Australia we are wanting zero new cases a day and if we have 2 cases it's 2 cases too many. I'm so glad our Govt shut down early.

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Kathy. Last month I started writing down on the calendar the number of fatalities in Australia when we had a couple of deaths here due to locals having been on cruise ships. The numbers overseas are mind boggling especially in the US. I do hope there is no second wave here due to the easing of restrictions and some people being careless.