Monday, July 27, 2020

Around here

We have had some lovely rain over the last week and it's nice to be inside nice and cozy.  Over the past 7 days I participated in the Additive Free Lifestyle 7 day challenge again which was a great reminder of how far we have come and a reminder of why it's important for your health and well being.  I've had a big cook up to get organized for the week ahead.

One thing I need to do is get stuck into the veggie garden as I've neglected it while I sorted and de-cluttered my garage which took a very long time.  Selling things to make some money and donating lots of things to charity as well.  It was a huge job and I'm so glad it's done now that's for sure.

Here's a few photos from our week.

Muesli Slice for school lunch boxes.

Made a batch of mayo and coleslaw dressing using this recipe.

Made this slow cooker pork recipe from Additive Free Lifestyle blog.

Pork in the slow cooker smells amazing.

Made a batch of this stock paste from Additive Free Lifestyle blog.

Recycling my Aldi Maple Syrup bottle as it has a pourer on the lid and put my home made tomato sauce in it using this recipe from Additive Free Lifestyle blog.

Home made biscuits using this recipe.  I love this recipe because you can make jam drops or any type of topping on your biscuits or even freeze half the dough to cook later on.  These go straight into the freezer.

OMG this Sweet and Sour Chicken Meatball recipe is AMAZING.  I would just use chicken pieces next time as meatballs take time and then when I eat them I cut them in half anyway so you could use this recipe and put in chicken breast or thigh fillets or pork.  It was so quick and easy and the smell and flavour was incredible.

I don't buy any packet mixes any more however the one take away that is my favourite that we only have about 3 times a year is Panang Chicken.  This sachet is all herbs and spices and no additives or preservatives so it's a good one.  They have a variety of sachets however it's the Panang Chicken that I made and it was great.  These are from Woolworths and handy to have it in the cupboard knowing it's safe and has no nasties in it.


  1. Kathy, I will try out that chicken recipe soon. Where did you buy the Panang Curry from by the way?

    1. They have them at Woolworths check the normal section where they have sachets or the Asian section.

  2. Kathy, thanks for that. I will check out Woolies today.

  3. Lots of lovely food, Kathy. I think homemade food is always better for us than products loaded with additives and preservatives. I like to tinker too with recipes to minimise sugar in them too. Meg:)