Monday, July 4, 2022

Around here

Around here it's the 2nd week of the Queensland School holidays and the rain is back again.  NSW looks terrible again and some places are flooding for the 4th time this year and it's only 6 months in.  Such difficult times and so disheartening for everyone concerned.

Last week I did my photo project called "Week in the Life" for 2022.  This is the brain child of Ali Edwards, Scrapbooker in the USA and once a year for 7 days you document your life.  Daily activities, food you eat, books you read, places you go anything you want to document in your life.  I first joined in this project in 2008 and have done it every year since with exception of last year when the kids being teenagers don't like having their photos taken anymore so I gave up the thought last year.  In 2022 Ali did her WITL the week of Monday 20th June however my kids weren't with me that week and since they are both on holidays from University and School I sent them a text and said be prepared to get in photos next week as it's Week in the Life.  Whilst grumpy about it I did manage to get them in some photos and I know in 10-20 years time they will love looking back on what was happening during a week in 2022.

Here is a post from Week in the Life in 2014 (8 years ago) so both kids were in primary school and life was very different.  This project is so special because it's documenting history in our lives.  This is a blog post from Week in the Life 2015.  I remember in 2018 WITL Sienna wanted me to go to the shops on Saturday night to get ice cream for waffles and I needed tissues so off we went.   Here's a few photos from the week.

Morning Coffee

Winter slippers

Sienna works at a beautiful cafe and brought this home at the end of the day.

Washing drying in the sun.

Finally had my hair cut and coloured after missing my appointment due to Covid.

Yeh, finally planted some bok choy and corriander in the garden.

Whenever I do hard boiled eggs I put a smiley face on them and put
them in the fridge so I know these are not normal eggs.

Brisbane city across the river.

Me at South Brisbane after driving around for 30 minutes finding a carpark after
 the 3 main carparks underneath GOMO and the Museum are closed.

GOMA - Gallery of Modern Art foyer.

Some portraits on a park bench before we headed to the carpark.

My 16 going on 21 year old and forever my muse.


  1. Some lovely photos there. I haven't been to Brisbane since before COVID. So sad about the flooding down south once again. It is freezing here today and my hands can hardly move they are so cold but I thought I would comment while on the PC as I can't seem to comment on a Blogger blog on my iPad anymore...not even on my own blog!

    1. Same here, inside rugged up with a blanket on but my hands are freezing. They said on the news Toowoomba was a high of 7 ish.....that's cold. Not sure what it was here but it felt like Melbourne weather [lived there for 2 years in 2002 & 2003) Thanks for taking the time to comment on your pc [ha ha] technology sometimes has a mind of it's own.

  2. Sorry to hear about the flooding. It can cause such devastation. Your photos are beautiful and you're right, your kids will love looking back at them some day and happy they agreed to be a part of it. Wishing you a wonderful week!