Friday, May 25, 2018

Week in the Life 2018

I've written about my Week in the Life (WITL) project recently and my book is ready to be uploaded to Blurb as they have a 35% discount at the moment.  It's a great way to save money on printing your photo books.  I only order them with a discount and if you are on the mailing list every week or two they have some form of discount.  My last book I got 40% off however I'm more than happy with 35% off as well.  I just need to add one more page to the book and then upload it.  My daughter does a drawing of our family every year which I do on a double page spread and this is the last page I need to include. I have been doing this project for 10 years now and I love looking back on our life from a few years ago.  Here's a look at my book from 2012.

This year I uploaded the photos each day and dropped them into my templates and then the following week I just need to do the writing.  It seemed really easy this year with the way I took photos by picking a story for the morning, midday, afternoon and evening which only required 4 photos each.  I took less photos however they were more purposeful.  This sets a record for me getting the book finished within two weeks of the project.  Sometimes it takes months for me to come back to it, other times I need to save up to get the book.  Here's a few finished pages for our Week in the Life book for 2018. 


  1. You take such lovely photos and put them together to tell your family's story so beautifully. Meg:)

  2. I don't need to repeat myself, you know how much I love this. I particularly love how you record the simple, everyday stuff. We usually focus on the special times, and that's fine, but the ordinary fills so much more of our days.

    1. Thanks Cheryl I know....imagine having photos of your Mum ironing your school uniforms and making school lunches. Whilst they are ordinary now they serve to record our life for generations to come.