Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Around Here

Around here we are in the second week of the school holidays and chilling out.  One of the things I love doing with my daughter is going on a "photo walk" in our neighbourhood.  We both have a camera and we take a nice leisurely stroll down to the park and take photos along the way.  Usually it's about 30 minutes or however long we like.  Here's went about half an hour before sunset to get the pretty light.

Nature in people's front garden near the footpath.

Budding photographer.

Australian gum leaves.


Tree bark.

She does her own braids and is really good at it.

On our Mummy and Daughter walk.

Bird of Paradise.

Stopping for some photos.

Such pretty light in this spot.

On the way to the play ground.

I love taking out of focus leaves with pretty light.

Pretty flowers near the play ground.

School holiday fun with the henna kit she bought herself.

Some signs of Autumn.

Home again.


  1. Beautiful photos. I love walking around my neighbourhood with my little camera. There's a lot of beauty not far from the front door! Meg:)