Saturday, April 14, 2018

Around Here

We don't eat out for dinner however I have been wanting to go to Eat Street for a while to try it out and since the kids are on holidays it was a special treat.  It was so busy and we queued to get into the car park and then queued to get into the venue and shuffled around behind people to walk around.  It was crazy busy and packed and very overwhelming in terms of "what are we going to eat".  After about half an hour wandering around the kids wanted to have a potato on a stick and had that and then afterwards we went to the Asian section and ordered a few entree type meals.  We got some dumplings, peking duck in little pancakes and honey chicken.  Tables were at a premium however we did find a little spot to sit down.  There are the most outrageous over the top deserts at a premium price and so much that one serving could feed a family.

On the way out we saw the fairy floss being made and stood there for about 10 minutes watching it.  As a kid we always got fairy floss at the local fete and it's still fun to have some every year or so.  The first fairy floss we saw being made was wrapped around a flashing lightsaber so that it was flashing pretty colours throughout the fairy floss.  The second one was being made like a sombrero and the guy who was getting it made he and his girlfriend were squealing with delight as each new bit of sugar was being poured into the spinner.  We stood in amazement at the performance of it being made and how huge it was when it was finished.  I doubt that anyone would eat all of it but it certainly was something to watch.  It's not a place I would visit often or ever again however if I had relatives visiting it's something that would be fun to go and do again because it's a bit different.  Basically it's shipping containers and food trucks on some unused land by the Brisbane River.  I'm glad that we went as a family and it was a treat and the fairy floss was something to remember.  Here's some photos of our night.

That big blue thing is the kids fairy floss....

This was the sombrero fairy floss for the next customer.


  1. What an interesting place to go! That fairy floss is amazing. Meg:)

    1. We were gobsmacked to be honest....our mouths were like OMG, OMG, Wow look at that, I don't believe it. Crazy.

    2. My son's eyes would be so big and wide if he saw fairy floss like that, Kathy! Meg:)