Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Around Here

Just a few images from our week.

An old drawing of Sienna's from a few year's cute I love it and this one's going straight to the pool room..ha ha.

Vignette on one of my tables and one of my picture frames with a few pics from a few years back with a title "This is Life".

Finally hung this mask on the wall that was a gift from my sister's travels last year.

Sienna in the bush.

A portrait taken today.

Game night and concentration.

My out of focus flowers in the bush pic taken on purpose.

James making Turkish Bread for us.

Turkish bread straight from the didn't take long before this was all gone.  Recipe here.

 Anzac Day last year.


  1. I love your latest picture of Sienna....she is beautiful x

  2. That Turkish bread looks delicious! We often have Turkish bread for lunch on a weekend but buy it from local store. Is it hard to make? Meg:)

    1. The turkish bread is not hard to make but it's a 3.0-3.5 hour process of do something for 5 mins then rest for an 1 hour then another thing for 5 mins then rest for 30. I have a thermomix so use that but I'm sure Taste website would have a recipe how to make it with just a food processor. The funny thing about this bread is the dough as it's layers of holes's crazy interesting.