Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Around here

It's one month until Christmas and I now have a 16 year old does that happen.  We have put up the Christmas Tree and school has wrapped up for my senior and then another 2 weeks for the younger one.

On the weekend we had a family pizza party for James 16th birthday celebrations.  When we have lots of people we just use pita bread as the base instead of pizza dough as they are light and tasty and quick and easy. I set up a table with containers with ingredients in and everyone made their own and then we cooked 3 at a time in the gas pizza oven.  Love that thing.  We had corn, capsicum, pineapple, ham, salami, kabana, bocconcini and grated cheese and pizza sauce.

We had an ice cream cake and I made this for my Mum who is allergic to the chemicals in ice cream.

Home grown tomatoes.

The Christmas Tree is up.

Afternoon shadows.

Home made Swedish meatballs for dinner.

Cupcakes for afternoon tea using this super easy recipe with cream.

The sun was red from the fires.

Dinner outside.

Loving the fresh eggs every day.

Sourdough Rye bread home made.

Christmas photo 2019 - they are now so tall you can't even see the tree we are standing in front of.


  1. Time certainly flies ... one moment they are babies and the next they are driving!! Pizza looks delicious as does the cake you made your Mum. Meg:)

    1. I know, I want them to grow up but you also want them to be small..motherhood is so conflicting.

  2. The problem with our children is that they grow up and before we now it they are adults leading their own lives and it leaves us wondering were all those precious years went.

    1. I 100% agree with you.....they days are long but the years are short.

  3. Oh my goodness, they are so big now! Popping in and out of your life from here, it seems no time since they were little ... I've always been full of admiration for your home life and values. Hoping you have a wonderful season and holiday together.

    1. So lovely to hear from you Alexa, I know what you mean when you started following my blog they were only little now they tower over me.