Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crochet Blanket

Over the past couple of years I have been admiring knitting and crochet that are appearing on people's creative blogs.  It's funny because many many years ago I did cross stitch and quilting and I would do some every night and then having babies I didn't have the time and I got into scrapbooking because of my love for photography.  I've been coming back to the idea of doing something creative with my hands and a year ago I won a Book on Crochet and was going to start a blanket.

I went and did a refresher lesson to do my first square and ordered all the wool and then once the little square was done using three different colours I thought that is was not going to be very relaxing as the square was about 6 cms and I would be forever changing colours and starting a new square.  I wanted my first project something that I could just sit and crochet.  I thought about doing the Granny Square however I didn't want to end up with a square blanket and then I saw a post from A Gluttonous Wife and thought that's it, the Granny Square stitch only in a straight row.  Thanks for the inspiration and this one got me started.

I went back to the Yarn Shop for a quick refresher on the stitch after the chain ie the next row and the turning and starting a new row properly and I was determined to start this blanket which I did last Saturday.  I actually used these instructions from Maybe Matilda which I found great.  I did crochet as a teenager so I wasn't completely new to it but it has been many years since I was a teenager and just need a little help on starting.  I haven't got a pattern in mind except for using about 6-8 different colours I bought.  I'm working with 7 rows of one colour followed by 3 rows of another and then 7 rows of another colour and then 3 of another and repeat.  It's going to be a TV blanket but I'm so excited after a nearly a year to get this going and it's quite relaxing sitting in front of the TV watching River Cottage doing some crochet.  Here's where I'm up to at the moment.


  1. That's a great start! It's looking fab already :)

  2. This post has made me smile Kathy :) :) after some time away from the computer and still hooking like a made woman, it's lovely to see you finally started!!! Isn't the granny stripe just awesome!! Well done, it's looking beautiful, warm regards Jan x

    1. Jan I'm loving it. Thanks for the inspiration. Kathy