Thursday, May 10, 2018

Around Here

As mentioned in my last post that it's that time of the year for my Week in the Life Project which is the brain child of a creative scrapbooker and story teller Ali Edwards from America.  Here is a link to Ali's photos and words on Monday and Tuesday.  She puts her book together after however posts the words and photos each day and then includes those stories in her book.  Ali has 2 kids and her husband has 3 kids so they have the blended family with lots of different schools, after school activities etc. to document.

This is my 10th year doing this project and whilst it's a big commitment I just love doing it every year.  My days are divided up into morning, midday, afternoon and evening and this year I have made it even easier by working out roughly what I would document and then taking those photos of which I only need 4.  This morning it was ironing uniforms and making lunches, the other morning it was in the car going to school, dinners, cooking and coffee with friends.  I'm loving having Mother's Day included in this year also and I will take photos of the kids cards and include them as well.  Here's a few photos from our week so far.

The coffee shop I met up with my girlfriends at.

Warm coffee on a rainy morning.

Portrait for Mother's Day - Mother & Son.

 Making school lunches - wraps with cheese, salami, lettuce and BBQ sauce all from Aldi.

Lunches and water bottles ready for the school bags.

Coffee with Karin.

Karin enjoying her morning coffee in the sunshine.

This is a treat breakfast for me and so delicious.

Portrait of Sienna.

Breakfast avocado and fetta.

Dinner prepping.

Mother's Day Portrait - Mother & Daughter.


  1. Beautiful portraits, love is what I see! Meg:)

    1. of the things I'm most proud of

  2. Capturing the everyday is more valuable than any 'designer photography' you can think of, I love it all.

    1. Thanks Cheryl I love seeing what lunch boxes they use from year to year. Ben 10 Dora and then they are into something's so fascinating things like this over the years.