Monday, May 28, 2018

Around Here

Around here it's the end of May and that means Sienna and I take photos of the one Autumn tree in our neighbourhood which happens to be on the main road.  We've done this the last weekend in May for years and it's a little ritual of ours.  I gave her the point and shoot camera for her to take photos however the battery was flat so she couldn't use it.  I get very envious of those places that get a true Autumn and love seeing everyone's pictures however we make do and enjoy our one big tree nearby.

I recently found out about a company called Social Print Studio and I ordered a small magazine style photo book of our farm stay pictures from last July and also some fridge magnets.  The magnets are 2 inches square and are beautiful.  You get 10 magnets in a set for $14 (USD) and they come in a lovely little bag with a draw string tie.  With the conversion rate to AUD and postage from the States I ordered a few things to make it worth my while and got the photo book, some magnets and a small metal print.  Here's a picture of the magnets which are glossy and well made I was very impressed with them.


  1. We have a few trees that turn for autumn. My granddaughter, who is 2 1/2 loves to wear her gumboots and run through the leaves.
    Unfortunately we have lots and lots of leaves!
    Looks very pretty but not very practice and once the wind picks up. Not very near and tidy either lol

    1. Kids just love the crunching of the leaves...I love that such a simple thing is such a delight to little ones. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.