Sunday, May 13, 2018

Around Here

Well it's Monday morning after a busy week of doing my "Week in the Life" photo project for 2018.  It was so enjoyable and I'm so grateful that I get to document my life with my two amazing kids.  They made me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day of pancakes, ice cream and berries and gave me hand made cards which I treasure.  We went on a family BBQ for lunch with my Mum and sister and her family.  One of my sisters lives in Perth and the other one who lives in Brisbane is travelling overseas at the moment.  Here's a few photos from the weekend.

My 10th year Week in the Life completed.  

Saturday morning coffee.

Coffee and granola, yoghurt & berries for breakfast.

Sienna made scones for morning tea on Saturday.

Scones in the making.

Home made and delicious with butter and Golden Syrup.

Family portrait.

Mother & Daughter photo.

A late night run to the supermarket to get ice cream as the kids wanted it for my Mother's Day pancakes for my breakfast in bed.

With the change in weather on Friday I sneezed all day long and went through a box of tissues so I need to restock.  I normally buy them at Aldi as they are cheaper however they were shut.

Sienna's beautiful hand made card using washi tape to make the flags.

James made an wonderful pop up card that opened with a bunch flowers, I was so impressed.

My kids made me breakfast in bed...yum.

This is what 14 looks like.

Sunday Mother's Day Bush BBQ and we love this place because of the wood fire.

Photo with my Brother in Law who was cooking for us.  The family were laughing because I grabbed the tongs for the photo even though I was not the one cooking.

So many lovely Kookaburra's

Lots of friendly Kookaburra's at our bush BBQ yesterday we had 6 of them around.

My sister made this cheesecake slice for dessert.

My son James took this photo of me at the BBQ.


  1. Beautiful photo's and memories. Those handmade cards are so special, and the pancakes!! YUMMO, you are one lucky mum XXX

  2. I love the handmade cards my son makes too. This year, he wrote his in Italian! Your bbq spot looks lovely as does that delicious looking slice. Meg:)

    1. The card written in Italian sounds like a lot of fun particularly when your son has to read out his words...very special.